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Online Booking

Pitch fees are from 12.30pm on day of arrival to 11am on the day of departure. 

One pitch is for one unit (e.g. caravan or tent or trailer tent or campervan or motor-home) one car and includes an awning OR gazebo if applicable.

All adults, children, dogs, extra cars, day visitors, boats, jet skis and/or trailers and late departures until 4pm are in addition to the pitch charge.

Any additional structure to the main unit must fit in pitch area.

If you wish to book your holiday online or check availability and prices, please click below.

If you cannot see your preferred or most suitable pitch type, please contact us, and we will look into finding a pitch for your holiday to suit your requirements. Not all pitches are available to book through the website.


​For Reservations of larger units or specific requests please contact us directly, so we can check availability and discuss your requirements.

If you have any problems or queries please call us on 01929 554 763 (office hours) or email us.


Please await a second email confirmation from us to confirm the booking reservation. We endeavour to contact you regarding your online booking within 2 days, please contact us if you haven't heard from us in this time.

Rules, terms & conditions  & Cancellation policy

Please read our Park Rules & booking conditions (below) before making a booking as they apply to yourself and everyone in your booking. 


When we confirm a booking we assume you have read and agree to abide by the Park Rules for everyone in your booking.

This is to ensure the enjoyment of the Park and safety of all our customers and staff.

Bank holiday weekends: Pre booking is highly recommended
Minimum booking of 4 nights:
  • over Easter weekend
  • Late May bank holiday weekend
  • August bank holiday weekend
Minimum booking of 3 nights:
  • early May bank holiday weekend
  •   over Christmas
  • over New Year
 At other times we accept any minimum number of nights, subject to pitch availability

PARK RULES (from June 2022)

These Rules, are for all bona fide campers and caravaneers, and set out general standards of conduct and behaviour expected of them for the benefit of all who use the Park. These rules form part of the contract between us for your holiday. They should be read alongside your booking Terms and Conditions. The Park Rules do not affect anything to which you are entitled under the booking Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that all occupiers of your unit adhere to the Park Rules. Please act in a courteous and considerate manner towards everyone on the Park or we may terminate your booking.

The warden or staff are entitled to refuse admission to the Park when this appears to be necessary in the interests of the Park occupants.

Safety & Security

You must use the park safely and should not cause danger to others. You must obey all health and safety notices displayed on the park and act on the reasonable instructions of park staff in matters of health and safety. You are solely responsible for securing the Caravan, tent or other accommodation. Access to the Park is by ANPR, provided a valid booking is in place. The barrier will not allow vehicular access to the camping area between 10pm and 7am. After 10 pm the wardens will not be available to attend except in an emergency. Vehicles to be parked in parking bays by the reception between the above hours. Due to our rural location the Park is dark at night, please bring a torch. Take care with your foot placement due to uneven ground and other hazards, e.g. electric cables. Please be aware recording CCTV operates throughout the Park.

Pitch occupiers & visitors

Your unit may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the ‘maximum sleeping capacity’. If no number is stipulated then it may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed. Your pitch may only be used by the people named on the Booking. Only people lawfully visiting with your permission have permission to enter the park after registering at reception and paying charges from the price list. Visitor vehicles and extra cars must be parked at reception or as directed. Generally one car per pitch. Your day visitor/s may not arrive before 9.30am and must leave the park by 8pm. Maximum number of guests per pitch, must be discussed with reception. Management reserve the right to refuse admission to visitors at any time. We do not have to follow any formal procedure to eject visitors.


You are responsible for keeping the pitch & area around the Caravan, tent or other accommodation clean and tidy, with the minimum of equipment stored outside. A Unit may be transferred to another pitch if it is necessary for any reason. Pitch sizes vary. All units (tents or caravans or motorhome or other unit) should be placed only as directed by staff and remain in the marked pitch area. Please inform us if you intend to change the unit. One pitch is for one unit, one car and includes an awning if applicable. All units must be a required 20 feet (6 metres) apart. Gazebos, any other structures or windbreaks must fit in pitch area and must be pre-booked.


Vehicles may be driven only directly between the Park entrance and the pitch. Road Traffic Act laws apply to the whole Park including grassed areas. You must drive all vehicles on the park carefully and within the displayed speed limit. You must park, and move off, with great care for pedestrians and particularly for children. You must hold a full current driving licence to drive any vehicle on the park. You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons at the park. You must insure all vehicles, all accessories and items towed by vehicles (e.g towed boats, trailers and jet skis) as for use on the public road. You must not keep disused or unroadworthy vehicles anywhere on the park. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle which is apparently abandoned. Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out at the park, but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown. Quad bikes, trials bikes, hover boards and powered scooters are not permitted on the park. You must not wash cars with a hosepipe. There are no arrangements for charging electric cars on site. All vehicles should be parked as directed by the Park staff, but in any event must not encroach on neighbouring pitches or obstruct access corridors.


Refuse and recycling must be placed in the appropriate receptacles provided. You must not drop litter on the Park grounds. No bikes, fridges, awnings, electrical appliances etc, to be put by or in the bins. Please take non-domestic waste to the local Household Recycling centre. Otherwise £50.00 disposal fee. Chemical toilets and waste water containers must be emptied only in the CDP (chemical disposal point).The washing of clothes, dishes and chemical toilet is forbidden at taps which provide drinking water. You may only use washing lines of the rotary type or the windowsill within the pitch area.

General Behaviour

Respect the Park and amenities. You should respect the privacy of other users of the park. Do not intrude on your neighbour’s privacy or pitch. You must keep away from any vacant pitches. All appliances should be used considerately during the day. Do not create undue noise or disturbance or commit antisocial behaviour on the Park. Between the hours of 10.30 p.m. and 7.30 a.m. absolute quiet should be observed. Do not leave the car engine running, or revving unnecessarily and banging of car doors at any time. Generators are forbidden. The use of model airplanes, drones or any similar flying device is not permitted. Trading in the Park is forbidden. You must not damage or plant any plants, shrubs, trees or grass. You must not climb any tree. You must not tie anything to any tree or shrub without our agreement in writing. Do not dig holes for any purpose whatsoever. It is illegal to smoke or use e-cigarettes inside enclosed public buildings. Do not use the Park in connection with any criminal activity or commit any other criminal offence at the Unit, the Park or in its vicinity. If you use CCTV, you must warn visitors to your Caravan, tent or other accommodation by a prominent external notice attached to it, the format and wording of which you must agree with us (our agreement not to be withheld unreasonably). The CCTV may only capture images of the area immediately around your Caravan, tent or other accommodation and not of any other part of the park, such as any path or road, or any other caravan or its pitch and the area immediately around it.

Fires/ Barbecues

The lighting of fires and collection of wood from the forest is forbidden, but proprietary barbecues are permitted, i.e. charcoal or gas fuel only, provided they are used sensibly and do not damage the grass. Strictly no log burners, fire baskets, fire pits, fireworks or Chinese lanterns. Electric fires are not permitted in awnings.

Dogs & Other Pets

Dogs or any other pets are not permitted in any of the buildings or the play areas or paddling pool. Dogs must always be kept on a short leash and all pets must be kept under proper control on the Park. You must not exercise dogs off the lead, on the Park. Do not let your dog bark uncontrollably and inconvenience others. They must not be allowed to foul on the Park or games field, please clean up after your dog and dispose in appropriate bin. Do not leave your dog unattended in your unit or car or outside unit.

Children’s Paddling Pool & Play area

Parents, guardians or responsible adult must supervise children so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or other people using the Park. Children must not play on the play area before 8am or after 9pm. All ball games must be in the games field, except golf which must be in the pitch and putt area. Children using the play area, games field, paddling pool & amenities block must be supervised by a responsible adult. You may not fly kites near the electric pylons or any caravan or unit. The paddling pool, play area & field area are unsupervised by Park staff.

Lost Property

Please contact park reception as soon as possible as any lost property will be disposed of after one month.


At times the pitch services and/or site facilities may be required to be closed, due to health and safety or reasons beyond our control, or the dates and times of opening may change depending on seasonal fluctuations or unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to advise you at the time of booking of any changes, otherwise please check prior to booking if this is important to your stay.


Wifi is subject to availability on certain areas around the Park and cannot be guaranteed. Our wi-fi is very restricted due to our rural location and is not for streaming. An access code is required at an additional charge from reception.

Park Management

Accommodation on the Park is provided on the condition that all the rules and instructions given by the Park Staff are observed. Any person in breach by of these rules may be asked to leave the Park with no refund. Park management reserve the right to amend or change the rules at any time.



Bookings are accepted subject to the following conditions:


Can be made by phone, in person, by email or through our website. Not all pitches are available to book through the website. The person who completes the reservation is responsible for the booking and must be over 18 years of age. Only the people who are named on the booking may stay with us. Your booking is personal to you and you cannot transfer it to any other person. If you request a booking for more than one pitch, we may contact you before we can accept the booking. You must tell us if your booking request is connected to any other booking. If you do not tell us about a connection to another booking we may cancel the booking with immediate effect. You must tell us the requirements of each pitch, we require dates of the holiday, contact details of the main pitch occupant, number & names of occupants, any extras, and vehicle registration/s. All adults, children, dogs, day visitor cars (with persons accessing the Park), gazebos, small tents and boats, jet skis and/or trailers, departures up until 4pm are in addition to the pitch charge. When booking please disclose the size of your unit. We will try to allocate you the location of choice, but bookings are not conditional on this.

A provisional booking (no deposit paid) will be held for 3 days or as discussed. To confirm an intended stay a non-refundable £25 deposit is required.

Online bookings are not secured until you receive a second email from us to confirm.

We reserve the right to refuse any bookings, in which case the deposit will be fully refunded.

Payment and confirmation of reservation

We will confirm a booking as soon as possible. Please check the details carefully and contact us if amendments are required. Payment can be made by cash or card. We do not accept American Express or business credit cards. Our prices include VAT. Full payment is due 5 days before booking commences or please enquire if you wish to pay on arrival.

Amendments and cancellation of daily touring bookings

We reserve the right at our discretion, to charge an administration fee of £25.00 for a cancelled booking.

If the Park is required to close or we have to terminate your holiday during your stay due to reasons beyond our control we will refund or credit for any full unused nights remaining on your booking. Holiday insurance is strongly recommended as we regret we are unable to allow refunds if a pitch is vacated early or you are unable to attend the holiday for any reason, except in extenuating circumstances and at managements discretion.

Bank holiday weekends

Pre-booking is highly recommended. There are a minimum number of nights to book over bank holiday weekends. At other times we accept any minimum number of nights, subject to pitch availability.

Arrivals & Access to Park

Arrival is from 12.30pm. On arrival campers must register at Reception or contact the on-call warden with vehicle registration details. We will check the intended booking made and alter the details accordingly. Any additions or amendments due must be paid on arrival. Your location on the park will be confirmed on arrival. Any guest staying in the wrong location may be required to move. Arrivals after 6pm must be pre-arranged, to ensure staff are available to welcome you. If arriving after 8pm please pitch yourself quietly in the late arrival area, and report to Reception the next morning. It is at the on-call wardens discretion as to if it is safe to access the pitch if you are arriving late.


Departure is by 11am unless a “later departure until 4pm” is booked.

Late payments

Any continued late payments or failure to make full payment shall entitle Birchwood Tourist Park to charge a surcharge of 10% per year, further interest (at statutory rate) and any additional charges incurred, including debt recovery costs and administration expenses in the collection of any late or failed payments on any unpaid booking.

For general enquiries

Please contact us via telephone, email or complete the message form on our website Contact Page.


If you have a complaint, we encourage you to discuss it with us as soon as possible to give us a chance to resolve it with you.

Privacy Notice (GDPR)

Our privacy notice and policy can be found on our website. We will not pass on your personal details to third parties and we will only contact you regarding your stay with us. Any personal data you give us will be processed in accordance with the law and our privacy policy. Email may be used.

Changes due to restrictions may apply

It may be necessary or desirable to change the park rules from time to time, including for reasons of health and safety, the efficient running of the Park, environmental issues, local authority requirements and/or changes in law or regulations or in the interpretation of law and regulations imposed upon us, in which case we will notify you in writing using the contact details provided. Any changes made to the park rules after we accept your booking may affect you because you will be required to comply with the changed park rules, but will not affect anything else to which you are entitled under these booking terms and conditions.


Last updated 01/06/2022

Pre-bookings are advised. Each pitch reserved must be booked under the name of a lead pitch occupant, we cannot accept one person booking multiple pitches. Please phone or email or book through the webpage.


Payment details will be sent with the booking confirmation. Where possible we ask for payment in advance, this can be done by clicking on the link on the booking confirmation email, or card payment over the phone. Payment by cash or card can be made on arrival if pre-arranged.


Upon arrival at the Park it is essential that you check in at reception for vehicle registration activation.

There are no toilets available on arrival. You must use the toilet blocks onsite following check in.

You will be given a map directing you to the pitch and met at the pitch by a member of staff.


Please carefully read the additional rules and information and follow our guidance to help us to ensure we can remain open for all our customers, staff and family.

The children's Paddling Pool is open from the end of May to the end of August, weather and chemical level permitting. There is not currently any pre-booking slots required.

Please check our FAQ for more information.


​​Before arriving: Please DO NOT travel to the Park if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms.


Changes on the Park due to COVID:

We still recommend good hand washing/ sanitising staff have additional PPE and protective screens. Staff may choose to wear a face covering or additional PPE.


We advise you use your own facilities in your unit wherever possible.

​We hope to keep our toilet / shower blocks will be open with cleaning regimes to help reduce the spread of any infection. Should you choose to use them you do so at your own risk. There will be no use of the blocks during cleaning, there may be capacity limits and queuing.

If you have any concerns or comments please speak to a member of staff.

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