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Park Rules

These Rules, which are designed to benefit all bona fide campers and caravaneers, set out general standards of conduct and behaviour expected of them. 


  • Arrival, Pitch and Visitors

On arrival campers and day visitors must register at Reception with vehicle registration details. Please advise in advance if arriving after 6.00 p.m. or when the office is closed. Pitch yourself quietly in late arrival area, and report to Reception the next morning. 

No vehicular access will be permitted to the camping area between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. After 10.00 p.m. the wardens will not be available to attend except in an emergency. Vehicles to be parked in parking bays by the shop between the above hours.

Any receipt for payment should be retained throughout the stay.

Admission to the Park implies a commitment to uphold the internal rules of the Park.

Tents or caravans should be placed only as directed by the warden, and may be transferred to other pitches if the warden thinks it is necessary for any reason.

We cannot guarantee a specific pitch. All units must be a required 20 feet apart.

The warden is entitled to refuse admission to the park when this appears to be necessary in the interests of the Park occupants.

Trading in the Park is forbidden.

Gazebo and windbreaks must fit in pitch area.

Keep the pitch tidy, with the minimum of equipment stored outside, and tidily placed.

All visitors must register at reception and pay charges from yearly price list. Visitor vehicles are not permitted on site and must park at reception.

  • Payment

Balance of payments is to be paid on arrival.

  • Use of Cars, Caravans And Any Motorised Vehicles & Pushbikes - Insurance

Vehicles may be driven only directly between the Park entrance and the pitch, and must never be driven above 5 m.p.h. within the camp confines. It is essential to avoid leaving the car engine running, or revving unnecessarily and banging of car doors at any time. Vehicles should be parked as directed by the warden, but in any event must not encroach on neighbouring pitches or obstruct access corridors. Road Traffic Act laws apply to the whole Park including grassed areas.

All vehicles and caravans must be fully insured for fire, theft and third party liability whilst on the Park. All caravans, units and vehicles whilst on the Park are left entirely at owners risk.

Electric car charging is not permitted on site.

No additional cars will be admitted to the Park in high season.


  • Sanitation & Refuse Disposal, Recycling & Laundry/Washing Up

Chemical toilets and waste water containers must be emptied only in the marked places provided for the purpose, or in accordance with the instructions of the warden. No bikes, fridges, electrical appliances etc, to be put by or in the bins.

Refuse must be placed in the appropriate receptacles provided.

The washing of clothes, dishes and chemical toilet is forbidden at taps which provide drinking water. Washing lines must not be hung from trees or shrubs.


  • Fires/Barbecues

The lighting of fires and collection of wood from the forest is forbidden, but proprietary barbecues are permitted, i.e. charcoal fuel only, provided they are used sensibly and do not damage the grass. Strictly no log burners, fire baskets, fire pits or Chinese lanterns.

Electric fires are not permitted in awnings.


  • Dogs & Other Pets

Dogs are not permitted in any of the buildings.

Dogs must always be kept on a short leash and other pets must be kept under proper control. They must not be allowed to foul the Park or play areas or games field and must not be left unattended in your unit or car our outside unit.


  • Noise, Nuisance & General Behaviour

Musical instruments, radios, televisions and similar appliances should be used considerately during the day.

Between the hours of 10.30 p.m. and 7.30 a.m. absolute quiet should be observed.

Generators are forbidden.

The use of model airplanes, drones or any similar flying device is not permitted.

Respect the Park and amenities – do not damage plants, trees or grass do not dig holes for any purpose whatsoever – do not drop litter, do not intrude on your neighbour’s privacy or pitch.

Children must be under the supervision of their parents, guardians or responsible adult at all times.

Hover boards are not permitted inside any buildings.


  • Games, Paddling Pool & Play area

Any games, particularly ball games, which might annoy or inconvenience others, are forbidden except in the areas provided i.e. football, rugby, cricket. No golf permitted on games field.

The use of the Play area, games field and Paddling Pool must be supervised by a responsible adult.

  • Departure

You should leave the Park by 11 a.m. at the end of booking, unless prior approval has been granted and the booking and barrier control system updated and amended accordingly. Ensure that the pitch is left as you would wish to find it on arrival.


  • Park Management

Accommodation on the Park is provided on the condition that all the rules and instructions given by the warden are observed.

Any person in breach of these rules may be asked to leave the Park with no refund.

Park management reserve the right to amend or change the rules at anytime.


Please note: Some facilities will be limited to high season.

Last updated: 05/03/2018